Can you make money in the stock market?

Hello everyone, I’m Mark Greenstreet. Welcome to Trade London From.
When I was 15, back in 1984, I discovered something called ‘Penny Share Focus’ that utterly piqued my interest in the stock market and that led me on a journey of discovery into the world of stocks and shares.

Along the way I’ve had some lucky wins, where I managed to stumble across something that worked well and gave a good return, although I didn’t fully know what I was doing at the time.

I’ve had some incredible wins that worked out to plan, once I’d gained more nous to hang meaningful research on.
I’ve made howlers where I messed up totally and got it all wrong. Buying something that I absolutely should not have, or selling shares at their lowest possible ebb, just before they bounced dramatically. I understand now that fear was in charge then.
Greed has got in the way at times, cajoling me to magically transform healthy profits into break even or more painfully, losses.
I have also attempted to catch falling knives: stock market parlance for trying to time the bottom of a relentless faller with the accompanying thoughts – “Surely it must bounce from these levels.”

Although losing money through foolish decisions was unpleasant, these instances have allowed a significant amount of introspection into self and methodologies applied, which has been illuminating. To hive off the bad habits and run with the ideas that have worked and still work today, means the losing instances have been reduced, supplanted instead by winning habits and methodology much more often.
One of the main things that I have developed is more patience. It’s okay not to be fully invested, especially when the financial tide (down draught) is moving against you. Forcing against this crushes you financially – every time.

Another key learning is that probabilities of positive returns are improved dramatically when a share price moves with regularity in a certain direction. Knowing when these happenings are prevalent prevents swimming against the tide. Must less painful and a much more enjoyable ride.
There aren’t many that can say they’ve made money through this Coronavirus induced market pull-back, which has turned out to be a major opportunity to pick up quality stocks at better prices, nut I can. Playing the cyclical aspects of quality stocks allows resilience and peace of mind while everywhere around you turmoil could persist.
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Historical Reports

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