Why is gold going up?

Gold or US Dollar – Black Swan Safety

In troubled financial times investors flee to safe havens, temporarily aborting traditional investments, like stocks and shares. Their thinking is to find stability amongst the maelstrom of uncertainty thrown up by large scale turmoil.

Mostly, the US Dollar (USD) is first port of call during a financial storm, but this too has been falling recently, leaving gold and its more industrious sister silver, key beneficiaries of a flight to safety during this period of financial history.

Gold has recently hammered through previous record highs and silver has broken a multi-year constraining range, although is still some way off breaking records at the moment. We are most definitely in the midst of a black swan event that was unforeseen a few short months ago, however some swans glisten marvelously at the rampaging stampede of investors heading their way, waiting for calmer financial times to resume.