Will the stock market crash again?

FTSE 350 is my barometer and its constituents are broadly negative through September.

While a crash is the term for excessive, dramatic falls pulling major indices down quickly, largely driven by panic as was evident during spring 2020, a financial down draught is often more prevalent as a source of capital erosion.

During a negative phase of stock markets shares drift lower more than they rise or are anaemic and without any upward conviction.

Of the stocks making up FTSE 350 many are lacklustre during September and of those that move with a regularity that allows more predictive calculations to be applied, fallers outnumber risers in successively higher numbers throughout September, only reversing during early October. October however, may have its own hiccups. The end of furlough schemes and a plethora of commerce and industry still reeling from Coronavirus induced closures are but two considerable items that may cause high volatility with stocks this autumn.