What is a Stock Trend?

A largely repeated cycle of stock price movements.

  • 1 Repeat cycles of shares
  • 2 Some stocks have risen again
  • 3 And some stocks have fallen again
  • 4 High probability losers
  • 5 High probability risers

A stock trend can exist throughout one elongated time period with either an upward or downward bias. Equity or shares may also have a cyclical trend where price moves are largely repeated over smaller time frames, but at regularly occurring intervals, such as yearly.

These reports are a study into the frequency

of occurrence of stock price moves at certain times of the year and are confined to FTSE 350 stocks or those that were until recently, within the FTSE 350. Larger stocks have the advantage of providing better liquidity (easier to buy and sell)

in sufficiently sized quantities and with smaller spreads (difference between buying and selling price).

It is uncanny how some shares perform well at certain times of the year, most years (not all) and some perform poorly!

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