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Can you make money in the stock market?

  • Hello everyone, I’m Mark Greenstreet. Welcome to Trade London From.When I was 15, back in 1984, I discovered something called ‘Penny Share Focus’ that utterly piqued my interest in the stock market and that led me on a journey of discovery into the world of stocks and shares. Along the way I’ve had some lucky wins, where I managed to [...]


  • While a crash is the term for excessive, dramatic falls pulling major indices down quickly, largely driven by panic as was evident during spring 2020, a financial down draught is often more prevalent as a [...]

Will it Won’t it?


Will the stock market fall again?

28 April 2020 0

It may appear we are out of the woods. Beware! After some brutal falls followed by an equally stunning rebound in stock markets, complacency that all is well may be sorely misplaced. Stock prices have […]



Why is gold going up?

14 August 2020 0

In troubled financial times investors flee to safe havens, temporarily aborting traditional investments, like stocks and shares. Their thinking is to find stability amongst the maelstrom of uncertainty thrown up by large scale turmoil. Mostly, […]

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