Why is gold going up?

14 August 2020 Mark Greenstreet 0

In troubled financial times investors flee to safe havens, temporarily aborting traditional investments, like stocks and shares. Their thinking is to find stability amongst the maelstrom of uncertainty thrown up by large scale turmoil. Mostly, […]

No Point – Not at Paypoint

22 July 2020 Mark Greenstreet 0

Paypoint is a dynamic company at the forefront of electronic point of sale technologies, delivering what its name suggests, to an interesting plethora of blue chip names across a multitude of different countries. Paypoint’s success […]

Photo Me makes Snappy Profits

8 July 2020 Mark Greenstreet 0

Aside from the obvious, how many know that Photo Me International are also making money from its plethora of strategically installed launderette facilities that service the camping fraternity in sizeable numbers across mainland Europe? To […]

Can you make money in the stock market?

9 September 2020 kw-admin 0

Hello everyone, I’m Mark Greenstreet. Welcome to Trade London From.When I was 15, back in 1984, I discovered something called ‘Penny Share Focus’ that utterly piqued my interest in the stock market and that led […]

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19 August 2020 kw-admin 0

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