Recommend a Friend

£15 Recommendation Reward

Get £15 for each friend recommendation when they subscribe to Trade London From!

Referrals are an important part of enhancing a business reputation and consequently are treated very seriously by Trade London From, which is why every friend recommendation is rewarded with £15 to the referrer once the referred friend successfully subscribes to Trade London From.

To enable tracking of referrals each referrer will be granted a unique identifier code. Every fully paid subscriber that uses that code will result in £15 reward to their referrer. Just make sure your friend enters your code in the Coupon Code box when signing up.

Use the Contact tab to request a referrer's code.

£10 discount with Coupon Code

Your friend also gets £10 discount when subscribing using a Coupon Code!

As an added bonus recommended friends get £10 discount on yearly subscriptions when they use a Coupon Code provided by their referrer.

Charities can benefit too!

Coupon Codes can also be set up to recognise charities. If you wish your £15 referral reward to be donated to charity use the Contact tab detailing which charity you wish to help and Trade London From will arrange a specific Coupon Code for that charity.