No Point – Not at Paypoint


Paypoint is a dynamic company at the forefront of electronic point of sale technologies, delivering what its name suggests, to an interesting plethora of blue chip names across a multitude of different countries. Paypoint’s success is heavily dependent on a very high volume of satisfied end users and to this end its market penetration thus […]

Senior Definitely No Pedestrian


Senior provide engineering products for highly demanding operating environments and have been doing very well this side of the financial crisis, with regular improvements of turnover, profits and dividends. An interesting statistic thrown into their press releases is employee numbers, which also show a regular increase in workforce over the last 5 years, growing from […]

Fidessa – Old Faithful?

Ascending Triangle

Fidessa is not an easy company to write up unless readers understand a reasonable amount of background industry behind financial markets, aiding these markets to perform efficiently while at the same time adhering to extensive regulatory compliance. Most readers don’t give much thought to how a share price is derived; it’s just a number – […]

IQE – Technological Revolution under way


Semiconductors led to an electronic age being born in the 1960’s. However, technological advancements require greater speed of operation in conjunction with ever smaller devices, all with greater efficiencies and without materially increasing cost per item. One such technology that will revolutionise the electronics industry is that of compound semiconductors.