Stamp Duty Reform a Rightmove

Houses for sale signs

With an upcoming election in May 2015, UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, felt compelled to appeal to the electorate and inject a bit of financial feel good that come election campaigning, will be drawn upon to persuade voters that all is well economically. With a single and unexpected stroke UK housing stamp duty […]

Chime Communications going for gold

Gold Medal

Analysts tipping BUY = 3 [Numis Securities Ltd; Investec Securities; Canaccord Genuity] World Cup frenzy will be upon us all shortly, giving those well positioned marketers centre stage for their clients’ products. Chime Communications has managed to gain a foothold into World Cup marketing and stands to benefit handsomely from such an international platform.

Chime Communications rings sporting cheer

Christmas Bell

Analysts tipping BUY = 4 [Numis Securities Ltd; Investec Securities; Canaccord Genuity Ltd; Peel Hunt LLP] Chime Communications is a UK sporting marketer and major events planner that has recently crafted an acquisitive deal with an American sports marketer heavily involved in the highly prestigious and lucrative world of motor sports.