Scapa Making Profits Stick


Scapa are a specialist manufacturer in adhesive components and industrial bonding materials with great market capture, supplying bespoke adhesive solutions to electronics, healthcare, industrial and automotive industries. Some of Scapa’s more obscure specialisms are: – Highly specialist foam tapes used to affix solar panels into place thereby avoiding more conventional mechanical fixings, which allows better […]

Senior Definitely No Pedestrian


Senior provide engineering products for highly demanding operating environments and have been doing very well this side of the financial crisis, with regular improvements of turnover, profits and dividends. An interesting statistic thrown into their press releases is employee numbers, which also show a regular increase in workforce over the last 5 years, growing from […]

Melrose Budding Capital Return

Rose Bud

Melrose is an industrial trouble shooting firm that have an interesting and lucrative attitude towards delivering shareholder returns, built around an incredibly simple motto; “Buy, Improve, Sell”. What this means is Melrose scour for good quality manufacturing businesses with strong fundamentals that could benefit from a more focused, value enhancing perspective. Once a business has […]