Laura Ashley – A Branded Hotelier

Cup and Handle2

Laura Ashley is better known for its home furnishings and fashion industries, but has lately been enhancing its market presence by opening 2 branded hotels, firstly, The Manor: a beautifully idyllic 16th century converted manor house, just off the M1 near Elstree, which has been open since 01 August 2013. More recently, The Belsfield has […]

Photo Me makes Snappy Profits


Aside from the obvious, how many know that Photo Me International are also making money from its plethora of strategically installed launderette facilities that service the camping fraternity in sizeable numbers across mainland Europe? To put some scale on Photo Me International’s launderette operations, company reports issued on 26 February 2015 indicated that 898 units […]

No Point – Not at Paypoint


Paypoint is a dynamic company at the forefront of electronic point of sale technologies, delivering what its name suggests, to an interesting plethora of blue chip names across a multitude of different countries. Paypoint’s success is heavily dependent on a very high volume of satisfied end users and to this end its market penetration thus […]

Scapa Making Profits Stick


Scapa are a specialist manufacturer in adhesive components and industrial bonding materials with great market capture, supplying bespoke adhesive solutions to electronics, healthcare, industrial and automotive industries. Some of Scapa’s more obscure specialisms are: – Highly specialist foam tapes used to affix solar panels into place thereby avoiding more conventional mechanical fixings, which allows better […]

Profits no Pest for Rentokil

Clean Kitchen

Think of Rentokil and virtually only one service line becomes prominent in the mind, but pest control, although highly synonymous with Rentokil, is only a small part of their business. Little is known or understood generally of these other lines of service. Digging a bit deeper into what Rentokil do has revealed some interesting findings, […]

Town Centre Profits from Merrion

Merrion Centre

Town Centre Securities are a property investment and car parking company that have some very nice niche market capture in highly sought areas of the country, most notably its flagship property, The Merrion Centre, based in Leeds. Weathering a financial storm is never easy but when storm clouds lift and a normalcy of markets starts […]

Senior Definitely No Pedestrian


Senior provide engineering products for highly demanding operating environments and have been doing very well this side of the financial crisis, with regular improvements of turnover, profits and dividends. An interesting statistic thrown into their press releases is employee numbers, which also show a regular increase in workforce over the last 5 years, growing from […]

S&U has Financing Sussed

Cash Lock

Debt and financing has most definitely been out of vogue since the financial implosions of 2007/ 2008 caused extensive pain to be felt by general public around the globe. Those that were able to service their debt or were still able to obtain new debt through such austere times, only wished to drive down debt […]

Fidessa – Old Faithful?

Ascending Triangle

Fidessa is not an easy company to write up unless readers understand a reasonable amount of background industry behind financial markets, aiding these markets to perform efficiently while at the same time adhering to extensive regulatory compliance. Most readers don’t give much thought to how a share price is derived; it’s just a number – […]

Playtech a Good Bet


Playtech has been building its gaming stakes quite nicely and holds strong positions in both web and land based casino, poker, bingo, live game betting, lottery and sports betting across Europe and Asia and is fast becoming the player to beat. Playtech develops software platforms and content to help both on-line and land based gaming […]