Markets – A Coiled Spring


Every now and then a stock market opportunity builds quietly around us only becoming apparent that it was an opportunity after facts prove it to have been. For those lucky enough to pick up on these opportunistic signs while it builds, great chances to make good stock market returns abound. Curiously, London stock markets have […]

Markets – Frost Breaks Rocks

Frosty Rocks

The hardest and most obdurate of rocks are subject to eventual breakdown from miniscule particles of water going through a routine of freezing and melting. This water has to first penetrate the outer rock surface to be able to work its destructive force. Stock markets have been remarkably resilient to all manner of fundamental weakness […]

Geopolitical Events Upstage Markets


Successful stock market investing relies on alignment of three things: technical analysis to ascertain probability of an outcome; fundamental analysis to determine that news flow is conducive to support technical indicators; general market trend, or investment rug. Once all three criteria are in place then alignment towards a favourable outcome is set in place, although […]

Interesting Companies

Man thinking

Many companies are first analysed technically and meet the requirements dictating further fundamental investigation, however sometimes insufficient data can be accumulated to take this to published report. While this analysis provides a list of interesting companies only a few will receive an adequate airing on Trade London From. Emphasis is on quality of published information […]

Stock Specific Write-ups Explained

Rising Trend

In the section Find Out More/ Analysis there is mention of three types of analysis used in determining whether a share price is likely to rise (or fall), these being technical analysis, fundamental analysis and general market trend. There are many stock market investors that favour only one of these analytical methods, each proclaiming their […]

Markets issue red flag warning

Red Flag

Every now and then an ever so silent but noteworthy warning is issued by stock markets that investors should most definitely heed. It usually foretells something very important. Statisticians will love what comes next in this article! Sorry for the technical lingo. For reference American stock markets usually drive other developed countries’ stock markets when […]

Fire walkers tread quickly

Fire walking

Back in May 2013 much talk was gathering about when America’s Federal Reserve (FED) would begin tapering of its $85B per month economic stimulus program, with many vaunting the idea that it would commence in September. However, other geopolitical events were clearly being considered at that time, not least of which was America’s debt ceiling […]

An Avalanche Starts With a Fault Line


Safe ascent of a mountain depends on recognition and strategic avoidance of obvious dangers. Sometimes the known dangers foretell serious problems for any ignoring their silent plea to get out of the way. Worldwide central banks provided incredible quantities of liquidity to help propel developed nations’ stock markets from their nadir following the latest financial […]