Playtech a Good Bet


Playtech has been building its gaming stakes quite nicely and holds strong positions in both web and land based casino, poker, bingo, live game betting, lottery and sports betting across Europe and Asia and is fast becoming the player to beat. Playtech develops software platforms and content to help both on-line and land based gaming […]

Stamp Duty Reform a Rightmove

Houses for sale signs

With an upcoming election in May 2015, UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, felt compelled to appeal to the electorate and inject a bit of financial feel good that come election campaigning, will be drawn upon to persuade voters that all is well economically. With a single and unexpected stroke UK housing stamp duty […]

Melrose Budding Capital Return

Rose Bud

Melrose is an industrial trouble shooting firm that have an interesting and lucrative attitude towards delivering shareholder returns, built around an incredibly simple motto; “Buy, Improve, Sell”. What this means is Melrose scour for good quality manufacturing businesses with strong fundamentals that could benefit from a more focused, value enhancing perspective. Once a business has […]

Hill & Smith Barriers – A Cash Source

Street Lighting

Stalwarts of UK industry may not be sexy or sassy to the masses but their presence is ubiquitous and yet taken for granted by most passers-by, however without their services our lives would most certainly not run so smoothly. Hill & Smith are one such stalwart with their omnipresent products serving the general public to […]

Burberry Nets a Winning Combination


Class players shine regardless of any surrounding generic mediocrity. Burberry is one seriously classy performer, making excellent progress via a strategy that places its brand prominently in front of high net worth potential customers. Burberry has been concentrating on opening stores in airports, with 6 openings reported in the interim results to 30 September 2014. […]

Markets – Frost Breaks Rocks

Frosty Rocks

The hardest and most obdurate of rocks are subject to eventual breakdown from miniscule particles of water going through a routine of freezing and melting. This water has to first penetrate the outer rock surface to be able to work its destructive force. Stock markets have been remarkably resilient to all manner of fundamental weakness […]

Geopolitical Events Upstage Markets


Successful stock market investing relies on alignment of three things: technical analysis to ascertain probability of an outcome; fundamental analysis to determine that news flow is conducive to support technical indicators; general market trend, or investment rug. Once all three criteria are in place then alignment towards a favourable outcome is set in place, although […]

Educational Video on Technical Analysis

XEL 2013 01 to 09

Given that a picture tells a thousand words the educational video should help with understanding technical analysis behind stock reports. This is only one aspect of analysis undertaken by Trade London From – Fundamental analysis and general market trend also have to align before a company makes it to stock specific report in Observations. Many […]

Interesting Companies

Man thinking

Many companies are first analysed technically and meet the requirements dictating further fundamental investigation, however sometimes insufficient data can be accumulated to take this to published report. While this analysis provides a list of interesting companies only a few will receive an adequate airing on Trade London From. Emphasis is on quality of published information […]